How to write the perfect lead / 16 октября 2007 г.

With Don Gibb

LEADS: The good, the bad, the downright ugly

1) In the space of 48 hours, Team Canada won the Canada Cup — and then lost it again.

2) “Even God is crying today,” a Hindu high priest told hundreds of mourners yesterday at a funeral for five fire victims.

3) Ray Ward, who has spent more than 30 years of his life investigating complaints and championing the rights of animals, said Sunday an incident uncovered last week in Bass River has few equals in his experience.

Ward, of Moncton, director of the New Brunswick Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and before that manager of the Moncton SPCA branch, was referring to the revelation that 87 dogs and their elderly owner were living in filthy conditions in a small, three-bedroom mobile home .

4) The Sault Ste. Marie Agricultural Fair had something for everyone from reptile lovers to spicy food fanatics.

4a) Preserves and pies, crafts and carvings are vital components of any country fair and the Sault Ste. Marie Agricultural Fair did not disappoint in any category.

5) There was no official word this morning on whether employees at five Greater Moncton shoe stores will lose their jobs as a” result of Friday’s announcement that London-based Agnew Group Inc. has entered voluntary bankruptcy.

The shoe retailer employs an estimated 1,200 people across Canada, but nothing has been revealed as to how many stores may eventually be closed.

6) The B.C. Liberal Health Critic, Sindi Hawkins, met with a group of concerned citizens in Cache Creek Feb. 5.

7) DNA samples taken from Christine Jessop’s underpants hint two attackers might have been involved in the 1984 murder, a California scientist says .

Dr. Edward Blake, one of three scientists involved in the DNA testing which exonerated Guy Paul Morin in the sex-slaying, said it’s possible the test samples of semen could have come from two donors.

8) The lone survivor of a sunken fishing boat said Thursday his dreams are haunted by the shipmate’s hand he wasn’t able to grasp.

9) Come right in. Dinner will be ready in just a minute. Susie is making dinner tonight. You can hear her in the kitchen talking to Connie Karli who is in charge.

That’s Connie’s voice, telling Susie to make sure that none of the eggshells get into the bowl. Tonight, it’s scrambled eggs, sausage and salad. It’s slow going, with Connie steadily supervising.

“You have to be careful with the shells.” Connie says.

10) A Metro cop predicted to colleagues “there’s going to be a fatal tonight” — just two hours before he perished in a horrific cruiser crash.

“He walked into the station before we started work and said. 'There’s going to be a fatal tonight, boys',” Const. Steve Thomas, 43, said yesterday.

11) “My God, you’ve shot me.”

12) It’s every parent’s worst nightmare — the colicky baby.

12a) It’s a parent’s worst nightmare — but it had a happy ending.

12b) It was every commuter’s nightmare.

12c) With it’s assortment of furry bra tops, black

leather lace-up bustiers and rosaries (for wearing, not praying), the Electric Chair store could well be a parent’s worst nightmare.

12d) It’s the worst nightmare of parent’s whose children ski.

13) A $5 million full-service hotel, complete with convention and recreation facilities and a first-class restaurant, will be lost to the city if a proposed $1.8 million Journey’s End motel is approved in Yarmouth Township, businessman Bob McCaig said Wednesday.

14) The minister of natural resources says she’s conscious of the resource issue for which she is responsible.

15) The jolly white-bearded man in the red suit will bring his reindeer to town Saturday afternoon.

16) Happy holidays usually include lots of good things to eat — including our pets.

17) Mary Becker’s house will be emptier now.

Her 24-year-old son was killed Wednesday when two youths in a stolen van smashed into his car,

18) The numbers told the story — 208 of the 312 vehicles that passed by the radar camera van in 15 minutes Tuesday morning on Highway 426 were doing at least 10 kilometres more than the posted 80 km/h speed limit.

19) Police are searching for an Argentine teenager who failed to show up for a date with her boyfriend.

20) A ruling that allows non-Christians to take up to three paid days off a year to celebrate religious holidays was greeted with mixed reaction yesterday.

21) Just for today, Kim Smith will try to be happy about how she looks.

22) When Ian J. O'Brien started out Friday morning,

he was a commuter. Along the way, he became a hero.

23) Most would say eating a well balanced diet and exercising regularly is being healthy. But some exercise and nutrition experts say when taken to an extreme, it may actually be unhealthy.

Lab technician Mike Karda begins every day by popping eight carrots and an apple into his electric juicer. He follows that with plain oatmeal and two slices of toast with peanut butter.

This has been his routine for more than five years.

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